Attached To A Toy... Again

My red woolly toy mysteriously disappeared. I have a strong feeling that they throw it out because it was so dirty and torn up already. Anyway, I'm happy that they bought a replacement before they threw it away.

This is my new squeaky toy. I don't know what's with me and squeaky toys but just like my previous one, I quickly become attached to this one as well. 

I bringt it everywhere with me and it never leaves my side. I even sleep with it at night.

Free Samples

Have you ever tried signing up for free samples? Samples are a good way for us to taste and test out new products.

I got a sample from Walmart. The box is big and it smells yummy!

What's inside? It's a packet of Purina One SmartBlend Dog Food in Lamb & Rice Formula. 

I really want to eat the whole pack but I can't open it.

Since I cannot eat ordinary dog food because I cannot have a diet high in protein (or else I get sick), Jennifer mixes a bit of this yummy Purina in my bowl of Royal Canine food. I really like when she mixes this in because it's so yummy. It has bits of soft and chewy meat inside. 

Attached to a Toy

Kim bought me a new toy! No matter how old I am, I still like toys!

At first Kim thought I wouldn't like the toy she got me because all my toys are plush. I've got a lot of plush toys already, so Kim decided I should try playing with something new.

She got me this long red wooly dog that squeaks at the head and tail.

I don't know how to make it squeak by myself, so, the first few days of playing it, I'd whimper all around the house with the toy in my mouth because I can't get it to squeak. All that crying made Kim regret of getting me the toy.

Now, who would have known I'd get attached to it. I have never gotten attached to anything in my life. Sure, I'd bring around a new toy for a couple of hours from receiving it, but I don't get attached to it not more than a day.

I bring it with me to bed...

I still have it with me when I wake up in the morning...

I play with it the whole day...

And I still play with it when it's night. 

I bring my new toy everywhere with me!

Valentine's Day

For this year's Valentine's Day, I had set up a kissing booth outside.

Sadly, no one came...

Sitting in my booth all day made me sleepy...

Grass Hopper

I'm a bit ashamed to admit this, but, since moving here in Hawaii, it's my first time to actually see what grass is. So, it's also my first time to actually step on the grass.

The first time I set paws on the grass felt weird. It felt funny and it tickles my paws. I walked so weird that people passing by gave me a curious look. At this first experience, I decided to avoid the grass patches on the streets.

After constantly being forced to walk to the grass, I have come to be okay with the feeling of those tiny green leaves in between my paws. I'm not tickled by it anymore.

Now, I like walking on grass, but the soil makes my paws dirty. I hate those tall uncut grass that slams on my face whenever I walk pass through them. I just run quickly and close my eyes.

Who's Bad?

This is what happens if I become a bad girl...

Please don't buy me.


Hello, or should I say "Aloha!"

Here I am waiting for the sunset at beautiful Waikiki Beach. I had a lot of fun strolling along the busy sidewalk. A lot of people gave me a compliment. They say I am cute and fluffy.

I am resting on a bench. I get tired easily because I am not used to long walks.

A girl liked me so much, she asked if she can pet me. I wish Jennifer or Kimberly disagreed because she grab my fur and kept saying "You're so fluffy!" in my face.

My fur grew really fluffy, maybe because of the change of climate. The fluffier I am, the more people think I am cute. So, I like being fluffy.

After a long evening, we went home. I was soooooo tired, so was knocked out fast.